514 Sawyer Street

Cascade, Idaho 83611

HOA Contact-  riversideboise@aol.com

8919 W. Ardene St. 

Boise, ID 83709


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Leisure​​​ Time R.V.


We are excited to announce a new and updated Facebook Page!!:LEISURE TIME PARK CASCADE IDAHO .  

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​​​​​2019-2020 Leisure Time R.V. Board Mission Statement

Our mission is to preserve and enhance the property of our community by maintaining the common ground areas, and upholding our Covenants, By-Laws, Restrictions, and Polices. The Board will serve by taking a fair, ethical and objective approach in representing the interest of all property owners. Leisure Time will be maintained as a safe, friendly, and enjoyable place to live for each resident and his/her respective family. We will enforce the Association Bylaws, Covenants and Restrictions while providing ethical and fiscally responsible solutions to promote a sense of community, which will enhance our property values, and plans for the future.