This Rental agreement must be completed by the Leisure Time lot owner and signed by a Board Member before property can be rented out.

Each lot owner must give to their guests.  The form is to be accessible when questioned by any HOA member for authorization to use the facilities as a guest or renter. 

Please keep a copy in your tent.  Please use the "contact us" button with any questions.

Volunteers must complete the waiver and hand it in to a board member before working on any project in the park.

The Change of Address is linked directly to Riverside Property Management.

‚ÄčTurn in completed form to or mail to Riverside Management, 8919 Ardene Street, Boise, ID 83709. Please use the "contact us" button for any questions.

Turn in completed form to any board member.   Your building permit will be reviewed with you to assure a smooth build.  You can send an email using the "contact us" button with any questions.  If you are unable to deliver personally, the form can be sent to Riverside Management.