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June 13, 2024 ​- 
Great News for all owners:  LTRV Board of Directors has secured Dust Abatement to be applied by another company who is able to treat the entire park.  This is supposed  to happen within the next couple weeks.  You will receive an email a couple days in advance.  Please DO NOT WATER the streets after the dust abatement is applied because it will wash it away.  Thanks!!
The next Board of Directors meeting is June 22nd.  The annual meeting is going to be July 13th.  An email and letters were sent out in regards to nominating people to run for the board. So far we have 3 nominations.  Paul Davis (President) and Fairn Foshay (Vice-President) will continue to be on the board as their terms do not expire until future years. A nomination form and proxy forms were also sent out at the same time.  If you do not plan on attending the annual meeting we ask that you fill out a proxy form and either give it to the person who you want to be your proxy or mail it into the LTRVP  PO Box 1510
Cascade, ID 83611.  It will be given to the proxy holder you choose when the voting takes place at 9:00 a.m. on July 13th.
Remember that we have a Mexican Potluck, which is hosted by D street, on June 22nd.  Sign up for side dishes and items are posted in the clubhouse.  We hope to have a great turnout.  Dishes need to be there by 5:00 and the Potluck will start at 5:30 p.m.  See you all there!
The Board of Directors is securing a bid for the asphalt to be repaired and recoated.  The Clubhouse and Pavilion will be closed that day for the repairs and resealing to be done.  We will notify you by email when this is going to take place.
Trash pickup days will be changed to Tuesdays instead of Thursday starting the first week of July.  Please note the change.  
Cardboard Dumpster is clearly marked and all cardboard placed in that dumpster should be broken done so we can accommodate everyone in the park.  Please DO NOT DUMP anything but CARDBOARD in that dumpster.  Thank you in advance.
The recent rains have created a weed mess in the park.  Hopefully you will all be able to get to the park to do weed cleanup on your lots.  The weed committee will be going around the park on June 22nd after the board meeting to make sure that this issue is addressed.  The Board is asking that all lots be cleaned up prior to that date to avoid sending out notices. Should you need assistance with your lot clean up we have our weekend worker (Michell Moore) that does lots on the side.  Her phone number is 208-801-2244. You can give her a call or text and she will give you a bid.  Another owner in the park is Bevan Ercanbrack and his wife Joni and they are willing to clean lots as well and their phone number is 208-315-4640.
The 4th of July Parade is being hosted by the City of Cascade at 11:00 am on July 4th.  Following the parade will be Dogs in the Park and that will take place at the Pavillion of the American Legion area.  The theme this year is "AMERICA".  Due to no interest in the position of the Activities Director for LTRV, no events will be hosted in the park during the 4th of July week.  
Sewer system/Lift Stations:  We are still finding objects that do not belong in the lift stations.  This includes the "FLUSHABLE WIPES" that are not flushable and do not break down.  Please help us keep the lift stations working by only flushing toilet paper and what waste comes out of the human body. THANKS
SPEED in the park!!!  The speed limit is 10 MPH.  Very few drivers are obeying this rule. Please, please, please drive no faster than 10 mph.  Many complaints by many members in the park have been filed.  The board asks for your cooperation in this matter. If you look in your mirror and see dust that means you are driving too fast!!
Hopefully this keeps you up to date on what is happening at Leisure Time RV Park.  Have a wonderful day and weekend.

May 21, 2024 - 
The Board of Directors had a meeting on May 11th and discussed the roads in the park. They approved to have the roads ripped and graded and that took place on May 17th.  They also approved to have Dust Abatement done on as much of the park as the budget would allow.  The budget is going to be able to do the perimeter of the park (B, P, F and Sharon streets) and will also include G street in front of the dumpster as well as small portion of D street (from G to Sharon Street) and also C Street from Sharon Street up to the limb bin.  This is all the budget could handle.  We were hoping to do the entire park but the budget did not allow as we have 2.6 miles of streets in the park.   
This notice is going out to everyone with an email address that we have on file.  If you would like to have dust abatement put in front of your place it will cost $2.35 a linear foot.  For most lots in phase 1 and 2 that are 35' wide it will cost $82.25.  For most lots in phase 3 whose lots are 40' it will cost $94.00.  The board is willing to put you on the list and have it done for you if you contact us through this email and give us your lot number and we will measure it for you and you will have to pay no later than 26th because we are having it done on May 29th weather permitting.  

Ron Brown measured the entire park and is willing to measure your area that you would like to have the abatement put down.  Please contact the board as soon as possible if you would like to have this done.  

Board Meeting Agenda 20240511.docx

Next Board Meeting:  May 11, 2024 - 10:00am in the Pavillion 

Dec. 19, 2023 - ​The Board of Directors would like to say Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to each of you.  
Summary: LTRV Board Meeting held Dec. 9, 2023
This summary is not intended to replace official board minutes. It is intended to inform lot owners in a more timely manner of what was discussed during the board meeting so lot owners don’t have to wait for the official minutes of that meeting. Official board minutes are always reviewed and approved by
the Board at the next scheduled board meeting.
1. Annual Dues Letter -The LTRV annual dues letter for 2024 will be mailed out this year on Dec. 27th and will not be sent via email. This will save time in the long run since the board had to follow up with quite a few people who didn’t print the required forms and return them to the board in a timely manner. As a reminder, dues are due on or before January 30th, 2024. They must be received by the board by that date (not just postmarked on that date). Late charges will be assessed after the due date.
2. Pool Cover - The automatic pool cover has not been operational for a few years now. If we don’t have an automatic cover, it takes 4 people to open and close the cover each day. (which is not feasible). The recommendation is to replace the cover and not attempt to repair it. Funds have been set aside in the 2024 budget for a replacement cover but purchasing one will first require a membership vote. The
board plans on having a vote on this matter prior to the annual meeting in July. Until then, the pool will remain closed for the winter and will reopen on April 1st as it has the past few years.
FYI: In an effort to accommodate those lot owners who wanted to use the pool during the winter, the board did try and keep the pool open during the month of October by leaving the pool cover open. However, propane costs tripled during that month making it an unreasonable solution. The pool cover and the dehumidifier must be fully operational in order to open the pool during the winter months.
3. Pool Room Dehumidifier -If gone unchecked, high humidity can impact the integrity of the roof itself. During the spring-fall months, windows can be opened to lessen the burden placed on the dehumidifier. But that’s not feasible during the winter months. It was necessary to replace the dehumidifier this winter. The new dehumidifier is being purchased and will be installed shortly after the first of the year in plenty of time for the spring-fall pool season.
4. During the meeting the Board commended our caretaker, Stephen Burger for a job well done. Stephen is ahead of schedule and did an outstanding job with the help of our assistant caretaker, Mark Voiselle. The fall cleanup including trimming trees, shrubs and leaf pickup is completed. Spring cleanup should be much easier this coming year.
5. Roads -The board is currently assessing and budgeting for the repair needs of the Park’s roads.
6. The 2024 Budget will be posted on the website as soon as possible.
7. Summaries of board meetings (such as this one) will be typed up and posted on the website and shared on the LTRV Owners Only Facebook page going forward. We hope this will help better inform those who cannot physically attend Board Meetings. Viewing via Zoom will no longer be offered due to the cost of that program. Other virtual solutions are being evaluated
Thanks again and Happy Holidays, Sincerely, LTRVP Board of Directors

​Dec 3, 2023 - The next Board Meeting is Dec. 9, 2023 9:00 am in the library. 

Snow is expected the next few days so this is a reminder that your vehicles need to be on your property as Stephen will be out with the tractor and removing snow when it is needed.  The park looks wonderful and we are very appreciative of the work that has been done this fall.  We are ahead of schedule with all the leaves and things that need to be done.  If you get a chance please let Stephen know that you appreciate what he has done so far.  We also want to thank Mark, Michael and Michell for all their hard work this summer and fall.  They are all off duty now as Stephen has switched to his winter schedule and he is working Wednesday through Sunday and has Mondays and Tuesdays off.  The board of directors would like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.  Be safe and enjoy the holidays with family and friends.
LTRVP Board of Directors

Agenda:   Board Meeting Notice & Agenda Dec, 9, 2023.docx

Oct. 2, 2023 - Next Board Meeting Oct. 14, 2023 10am in the Pavilion. 

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