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December 9, 2020 -​

Leisuretime RV Park has contracted with a new property management company.  Frost Property Management Company of Donnelly, Idaho will commence services Dec. 10, 2020.  A letter, Association Dues Notice, Storage Area Application and other inserts will be mailed to Association Members as soon as the Member List has been updated.  Do Not pay any Dues or Fees to Riverside Management.  If you had any issue in 2020 receiving any notices or mailings, please email our Communications Committee immediately to verify and update your address.   Email:  membersltrvcascade@gmail.com

- ​Board of Directors


December 16, 2020
Your elected board has created a Communications Committee to help with transparency in keeping LTRV owners informed of park issues by providing updates that are supported by facts and figures.  The Communications Committee members are: Christine Dolan, Carla Fewkes and Cindy Gillett.  This communication provides an update on the progress made with some of the debts incurred from the recalled board. 

In regards to the $26,500.00 window project started with Wood Windows. The board contacted the company sales representative to discuss cancelling the project. The sales representative did not receive the news in a very professional manner and the call ended before anything was resolved. Soon after this call ended the Wood Windows General Manager called the board and the discussion continued professionally and cordially. The board is continuing to work on this issue and thank Wood Windows for their time and consideration in this matter.
Payments to Carter Property, who charged $40 an hour to clean the clubhouse, had been paid in full for all services rendered. However, the recalled board had not issued the final payment at the time payment was authorized and the company is now demanding a $25 per day late fee which the board has deemed unreasonable. The board will meet with Carter Property for a mediation in January to resolve this issue.

In the meantime, the board you voted in as an interim board to help resolve major concerns affecting our park are addressing exorbitant expenses incurred by the recalled board as well as the many undermining  issues created by a handful of people.  The board remains focused on solving these major issues. We are committed to providing you timely updates which are supported by documented facts.  We hope you find this update good news and will enjoy a wonderful holiday season knowing things in the park are being addressed and resolved.   
- LTRV HOA Communications Committee

January 11, 2021

2021 HOA Dues Invoices were mailed Jan. 11, 2021. Included in the mailing is: the HOA Dues Notice ($550/lot), Records Update and Snow Storage Authorization, Application for Storage Space ($120/space), Common Storage Space Rules and an addressed return envelope. (return all documents and checks to:Leisure Time RV Park P.O.Box 1510 Cascade, Idaho 83611)


Please return the following: (separate checks for HOA Dues and Storage space rental)

 1.   Completed 2021 Dues Notice with your payment

 2.   Completed Records Update and Snow Authorization

 3.   Storage Lot:  If you are applying to rent a storage space in 2021 include the completed Application for Storage Space with your payment and copy of vehicle/trailer registration and return them in the same envelope provided.  Reminder: Do not return it to Frost Property Management as indicated on the form but send to the address above. If you rented a space in 2020 and want to rent that same space again during 2021, fill in the space number you rented on the Application and on your check, otherwise, new rentals of storage lot spaces will be assigned on a first come first serve basis until all lots are rented. All lot owners obtaining a storage space for 2021 will be contacted to confirm your space number. If all lots are rented and you did not obtain a space, your application, copy of registration and check will be returned to you.  A waiting list will be created should there be a need.

- Communications Committee 

November 18, 2020 -​

The Board of Directors of LTRV proudly announces the hiring of a new Caretaker for our Park. Please welcome Tim Stiers and his family. They will not have access to the Park caretaker residence until it becomes vacant but you will see him out and about the Park through the days ahead. He is a very pleasant young man with considerable work experience. Tim looks forward to spending many years in our community and Leisure Time RV Park.

- ​Board of Directors

Leisuretime RV Park

December 20, 2020

2021 HOA Dues Invoices will be in the mail mid-January. There will be a grace period (for this year only) during the month of February with payment of HOA dues being due no later than March 1st. This will allow time to transition to Frost and update the database with addresses recently collected from lot owners. Thank you for your patience.

- Communications Committee 

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