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​Leisuretime RV Park

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PO Box 1510

Cascade, Idaho 83611

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Archived Announcements:

May 19, 2022 - Irrigation water is now on. For those on this system, please use irrigation water first for your outside watering/car washing needs since this source of water doesn’t cost the Park additional funds.  Also, the windows project is nearing completion. There have been 32 donor contributions totaling $3,920. and we thank you all very much for those donations.  We hope to raise the remaining $1,580. needed for the project. If you haven’t donated, please consider making a small donation to expedite the completion of this project.
May 7, 2022 - Just to keep everyone informed we want to send communication in regards to the dust control in the park.
We have a company on board that has the product we need and they are going to come on May 19th to put the application down in the park.  We budgeted $6,000 to have this done for the year.  The roads that will have the application applied on them will be the following:  B street from the entrance of the park all the way to the end of the road (river), G street from B to D (in front of the dumpsters), D street from G to Sharon (people traveling to dumpsters), Sharon street from D to B street (in front of the Clubhouse), and C street from Sharon to the Yard Waste bin.  This is all we can do with the budget we have.  

The company has told us that if others want this applied to their street in front of their lots, they can and will do this at the same time and date and it will only cost the owners $90.00 per lot, which is 20' X 40' (width and length).  If you would like yours done you will need to contact the board and have the money delivered to Mary W. F-57 by May 14th. Or mailed into LTRV, PO Box 1510, Cascade ID 83611. This is the date of the next board meeting at the Pavilion.  You can talk with your neighbors and see if they want to split the cost with you but that will be for you to decide.  We are simply giving you the option if you want it applied at the discounted rate while we are doing the rest of the park.  It will be much more expensive if you do this on your own.

May 7, 2022 - Great News---The Leisure Time RV Park pool has re-opened.  Please do not use the glass doors. These are for emergency use only at this time. The balance of the Pool Room Project work will hopefully be completed within the two to three weeks. Thank you for your patience and understanding.  Donations are still needed to complete this project. We appreciate everyone who has donated so far. To date we have collected $3,400.00.  Thank you again for your donations and patience with this project.

May 2, 2022 - Leisure Time RV Park is slowly coming to life. The grass is showing shades of green, the various birds are returning and owners are starting to appear.
With the arrival of Spring there are always maintenance projects that need our attention. Common Area property maintenance is well underway. We ask that park owners take a close look at their property. Do a walk-around. See what others see. We offer the following checklist:

1) Temporary Snow Covers---Late snow made April 15thdeadline removal date impossible this year. Please see that yours is removed by no later than May 15th.
2) Weeding---All areas of your lot
3) Leaves---Removal of all leaves. Please do not blow themonto the street. Only use large dumpster at top of C-Street. No plastic bags.
4) Construction materials---Remove all lumber, insulation, etc., unless you have an active   building permit. Do notuse park dumpsters for any disposal.
5) Fences---Stain, paint, repair and replace all fences as needed. Many fences in park are in dire need of maintenance. Pick up a permit at F57. Wood or vinyl fences only per CC&Rs.
6) Sheds---Check out your sheds. Do they need some TLC?Inquire if permit needed.
7) Porches & Decks---Clean up please.
We feel that it is the obligation of all owners to keep their property in clean & aesthetically pleasing condition. Quite often,we as lot owners do not see what others see. Keeping our lots/structures in good condition not only raises the value of our property but also the worth of the entire park. Please contribute to the pride in our Leisure Time RV Park by doing your fair share. In addition, remember, an owner is ultimately responsible for the condition of any rental.
A reminder: 

1) ALL dogs on leashes!!! Keep dogs OFF other owner lots. Pick up ALL messes. PLEASE respect other owners and their properties. Be prepared. Pack a “poop” bag.
2) 10 mph speed limit!!! Remember, we have walkers, bike riders & children using the streets as well.
3) Always stop at stop sign!!!
4) Caution at corners. Stay to right at all times!!!
5) No flushing of anything other than bodily waste or toilet paper into the sewer system!!!
6) Household garbage only at small dumpsters and broken down cardboard to cardboard dumpster only. Please, no whole boxes. Remember this applies to ALL owners & renters!!! Please advise your renters & contractors.
A big thank you to all owners in advance of your hard work. Your friends, neighbors and your Board of Directors will appreciate all efforts you make to spruce up Leisure Time and follow the rules.